April 17, 2024

What to expect during and after the tree relocation process:

After your tree has been successfully relocated, you can expect it to experience some shock. This is normal; your tree will likely recover within a few weeks to a month. Keep an eye on it during this time, watering as needed and checking for any pests or diseases. Once your tree has acclimated to its new home, it will be ready to provide years of beauty and shade! Thank you for taking the time to consider tree removal as a landscaping solution! Now, check out treemover.com

Do’s and Don’t:

When it comes to tree relocation, there are a few things you should do and a few things you shouldn’t. First, choose a reputable firm with prior tree removal experience. Second, prepare for where your tree will go before the move by having a strategy to minimize damage to your new house. Finally, water your tree regularly after the transfer and check for pests or diseases.

There are also a few things you shouldn’t do when relocating a tree. First, don’t try to relocate a tree yourself unless you have the proper equipment and training. Second, don’t wait until the last minute to plan your move – this could damage your home or the tree itself. Finally, don’t forget to take care of your tree after the move – it will need time to adjust to its new home.

Thank you for taking the time to consider tree removal as a potential landscaping solution! You can make a successful transfer for both you and your tree if you follow these easy steps.

Is there any policy on how many trees I can remove from my property?

There is no policy on the number of trees that can be removed from your property. However, we recommend you consult a landscape architect or arborist to determine the best way to relocate your tree. Thank you for giving tree removal as a potential alternative for your landscape!

When should I water my newly relocated tree?

It would help if you watered your newly relocated tree immediately after the transfer and then regularly after that. Watering will help your tree acclimate to its new home and reduce stress. Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider tree relocation as a potential solution for your landscaping!

Thank you for considering tree relocation as an option for your landscape! By following these simple tips, you can ensure a successful move for both you and your tree.